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Ribbon Lift’s astonishing stage action

The latest tour of the Italian singer Alessandra Amoroso was a great success in terms of audience thanks to Tekset Rental’s special effects. The artist was able to create an even more spectacular live show thanks to a lifting platform hidden under the stage. When activated by the directing staff, to the incredible surprise of the audience, […]

17 October, 2017|0 Comments

Visual Stick – Creativity, Colour, Shapes and Innovation

Today we want to introduce you to our Visual Stick, an incredible special effect tool used for the first time by the Italian singer Alessandra Amoroso in the Verona Arena.
This tool allows drawing not only images, but also pictures and writing in the air. Thanks to its incredible sophistication, it can recreate a person’s face during an event […]

17 October, 2017|0 Comments

Pop-Rock night with the renowned singer Elisa

Dynamic LED lighting and impressive special effects made this celebration show unique and unforgettable.

TEKSET RENTAL is always present on the stages of the best Italian and international artists.
Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for more information or to request a personalised quote.
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14 September, 2017|0 Comments


New special effects machine custom-made by Tekset. Geyser, Confetti, Slime, Smoke and Combo Effect… Shoot whatever you want!
Custom-made for Milan Alcatraz club’s SLIME FEST.

We are constantly looking for innovative products in order to always offer you a broader range of options that goes beyond your expectations.

18 November, 2016|0 Comments